Wize Volkswagen (AU)

Builders of Classic VW Kombivans for the Global market – Part of the Morecambe and Wize Group

Build: Option Two

Bay Window Option Two from


£60,950 > 01st September 2018

The foundations of our Build platforms, is our Option two range. Encompassing the fundamental elements as to our high quality builds.

Build: Option One

Bay Windows from


£66,295 > 01st September 2018

Offering the most inclusive and flexible option to create a complete bespoke kombi van, it is no surprise that this option is one of the most popular.

German Split Screens from


£87,495 > 01st September 2018

Custom built to your exacting requirements, Option One offers you the opportunity to create a kombi van that really will be the envy of friends and family.

Brazilian Split Screens from


£81,625 > 01st September 2018

An Option One allows you the ability to completely customise your kombi van, without compromising on the quality of the build, or the materials used.

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About Us

Wize Volkswagen are the largest Classic VW Kombi producers Worldwide. Our growth has led us to supply our Kombis all over the world! 

Part of the Morecambe and Wize Group, Wize Volkswagen has developed our Unique Build to Order process, and fixed price restoration costs, allow us to build one exactly how you would like! We supply our Kombis into mainland New Zealand, Europe, Australia, Dubai and China. We are one of the leading restorers of luxury vintage Kombis and offer both Split Screen and Bay Window VW Kombis for sale.

Our kombi vans are imported from the hotter regions of South Africa, Brazil and the U.S.A, allowing us to provide our customers with the best examples for that long-lasting finish. The option program also allows us to produce a kombi van that fits your budget. You add the options for a VW Kombi designed by you! We’re proud to have a team of staff who love what they do. We have only one ethos: continually chasing excellence. Our unique option programme offers customers plenty of choice in selecting some of the best and most comprehensive bay-window or split-screen kombi vans available for sale on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a tin top or a pop top, we can cater to your needs.

Across the board, mechanical items are replaced along with most of the electrical components and wiring looms. Each shell is stripped back to basics, with an extensive exterior and interior respray, and that’s just a small section of the process. When you buy with us, bare metal blasting comes as standard. We can cover all these areas, plus we’ll introduce you to a range of luxurious tailored, bespoke upholstery and replacement furniture, meaning the final, high-quality restoration is completely designed by you. All workmanship is conducted in house by our qualified craftsman. Investing in any classic Volkswagen requires confidence. Being the largest classic VW camper specialist in England, our kombi vans also carry our own unique 3-2-1 warranty. With an international customer base, we continue to grow year on year.

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