Option Two Bay Windows


“The Bay”

The Bay Window was a later model of the VW Type I Kombivan, bursting in to life in 1968. With only minor changes in 1973, the Bay was different to the split screen van from previous years. Larger in the body, as well as in engine capacity, the final Bay kombi van rolled off the production line in 1979.

Custom Built for you

The fundemental basics of any Restoration are good foundations.

The Option Two range benefits from the comprehensive beginnings here at Wize Volkswagen, and that commences with an entire shell strip down, leaving nothing in place. What follows is our Bare Metal media blasting to their exteriors, engine bays, and underside.

The Option Two builds then enter in their 360 degree rotisserie process. We leave nothing unchecked, addressed, or repaired. They have fundemental beginnings. With many Key Features as standard, our new Option Two Range is proving more and more popular as the months unfold.

Bespoke Kombivans. Built for you.

Key Details

  • Genuine RHD sourced shells (subject to availability – LHD models also offered)
  • Pop Top Conversions as Standard
  • Complete Bare Metal Three staged Dipping restoration
  • Thorough Fabrication and Panel Beating workmanship
  • Complete inner and outer resprays in traditonal Volkswagen colours and schemes
  • CNC cut Cabinetry and Bespoke Upholstery fitments
  • New Electrical installations to include Lesuire Battery, 240v Hook Up and Power Management systems.
  • Mechanical replacement where required
  • Warranty backed workmanship with Lifetime Paint Warranties

Locate it

Our current supply for our Option Two Bay windows comes from South Africa and Australia. Geniune RHD rust free base models. This allows us to produce your kombi van in approximately 6-8 Months from order.

LHD shells are also available should you so choose, and are sourced from the hotter regions of California, and West coast of the USA.

Back to 'basics'

Fundemental beginnings mean only one thing. A complete strip down of your vehicle to the bare bones, ready for its Three Stage Dipping processes.

Upon its return, we are left with a bare shell so as to work from. The only sure way that we feel, removes all the hidden rust and rot that may be present.

All parts and equipment are catalogued and marked for re-build following on from its preparation stages of the process.

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The Re-spray

The Option Two Bay Windows are painted as to the same colours and design from which they left the factory. All one colour body shells, with contrasting Roof, Bumpers and Wheels.

Whether that be L50H Brilliant Blue, or L90D Pastel White, the entire factory combination echo all of which we have come to love about these iconic vehicles.

With Bare Metal beginnings, our Lifetime Paint Warranty remains with the vehicle…for life!

The Mechanics

Mechanical assessments are completed during the strip down stages so as we know what needs replacing at this fundemental stage. Your Kombivan must be functioning correctly, behaving as it should, and offer you, and us, peace of mind when you set about on your new journey!

All our Kombivans come with Mechanical Warranty assistance should you need it, and undergo full Quality checking processes throughout each stage.

Our Option Two’s also benefit from a new Wiring Loom Installation, and electrical upgrades.

The Interior

The vinyl – the Valencia range, with its classic and Leather appearence sure does the job nicely in our Option Two Builds. With over 50 differing colours to choose from, you can bring the interior to life.

A ‘one colour’ scheme is standard in this range, but with the added benefit of contrasting the door cards if you so choose. Sisal, Cognac, Brilliant Blue – what will you decide?

The cabinetry – our CNC in-house accuracy and CAD drawn desgins allow us to minimise the inaccuracies of hand built furtniture, and maximise on design and layout. We believe in simple, quality touches to bring the wooden cabinets in line with the rest of your build. Less is more.

And there we have it… YOUR kombi van, designed, created and built for you.

What memories will you make with yours?

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