Building to order

Fixed price restorations

Be-spoke, hand made for you – RHD and LHD available

Bare Metal restorations as standard

Split Screen and Bay Window options

3-2-1 Warranty backed workmanship

Six stage painting system – underside painting as standard!

LIFETIME Paint warranty

Near complete mechanical replacement

Complete Electrical replacement

Selection & shipping

Our pricing structure includes the Kombivan too!

Hand picked for us, and for your order

Trusted sellers in the South Africa, USA and Brazil

We handle all importation and legalities

Shipping tracked  – follow your ship through the Suez Canal!

‘No worries’ – we handle it all for you


Once your kombi van arrives, and according to the schedule, we strip your vehicle in its entirety. This leaves us with just the shell and with all mechanical components removed for the next stages.

All parts removed and assessed

Labeling system and part ordering process instilled

Vehicle assessment for build time

Placed on 360 degree spinning Rotisserie for build commencemnet

Three Stage Dipping

We’ve worked hard with the suppliers to establish a proven Chemical Dipping Three Stage process, containing sufficient properties so as to treat your Kombivan in the very best pre-restoration process available – Three Stage Dipping

Phosphoric, Phosphate and Rust inhibitors

Entire shell heat treated, submerged in three differing chemicals removing all surface materials

Mechanical components dipped

Retained seating and interior items taken back to bare metal

Providing the best starting point we could hope for.


Fabrication and welding is the foremost fundamental part of any comprehensive restoration. Not to be underestimated. Get it wrong here and the rest of the build will reduce in quality.

Collective 75 year time served staff experience

MIG, TIG, SPOT welding

Led loading

Pin pulling and crease removal tooling

Welds sealed and treated

High quality replacement panels used

Entire shell accessed via 360 degree rotisserie

Panel beating

Starting on a complete bare kombi van can be daunting at the best of times, but the responsibility of our Panel Beaters is to complete your vehicle to a high level, pre painting.

Time served 55 year staff experience

Using Internationally recognised products and materials

Detailed work plan and vehicle assessment

Twice primed and guide coated

Two part Quality checking procedure

Painting Process

LIFETIME paint warranty! I know we’ve mentioned this already, but it is such a huge peace of mind for you, our customers. Who else offers such?

360 degree Rotisserie applications

Etch primed pre Fabrication

Epoxy primed following Fabrication

Twice applied High build primer and guide coat

Tinted Colour primed

Base and Lacquer or 2 Pk process

Superior underbody, colour tinted products used

Powder coating and finished painting to mechanical items


Near complete Mechanical replacement to all our vehicles!

Why not a full replacement? Well, some of the parts we cant get new, so it would be wrong to say otherwise. Albeit these are minor parts.

Newly Reconditioned Engine with new Ancillaries

Newly Reconditioned Gearbox and reduction boxes on our Split Screens

Complete four corner mechanical parts renewal

Steering box refurbishment

LHD > RHD Conversions

Mechanical Quality checking and Road Testing procedures


As we go through the departments, we get nearer to the finish line!

All Upholstery is made in-house by our London Saville Row Trained staff

All seating is stripped and padding replaced with Coconut hair

We use over 32 different pieces and 19 meters of material to complete your interior

Choose from over 50 differing Wood panels

Six different interior options available

CNC cut for accuracy and solid construction

Everything is made specifically for your Kombivan

High end materials and processes adopted

Coach Building

Our last process is Coachbuilding – the exciting part!

All products and materials already having been produced are now installed

Sound proofing to all areas

Internal Rust Waxoyle applied

Water barrier protected interior panels

Complete new replacement parts throughout

Led lightning, Lesiure Battery installs and Electric Hook ups fitted as standard

We spend nearly two weeks building and installing the components to your Kombivan


We spend between 10 – 12 months physically building your Kombivan. We sacrifice time and profit to ensure we achieve the quality end product you’ve been waiting for. With such a customer focussed approach to our program, it grows year on year. We’re not happy, unless you are.

With over Ten staff working through Six differing departments, it has taken us some time to be able to bring all our processes in house to manage quality, and importantly long lasting results.

An International customer base has led us to supply our Kombivans all over the world, on a regular basis!

Will you be one of our customers? We hope so!

Build: Option Two

Bay Window Option Two from


£60,950 > 01st September 2018

The foundations of our Build platforms, is our Option two range. Encompassing the fundamental elements as to our high quality builds.

Build: Option One

Bay Windows from


£66,295 > 01st September 2018

Offering the most inclusive and flexible option to create a complete bespoke kombi van, it is no surprise that this option is one of the most popular.

German Split Screens from


£87,495 > 01st September 2018

Custom built to your exacting requirements, Option One offers you the opportunity to create a kombi van that really will be the envy of friends and family.

Brazilian Split Screens from


£81,625 > 01st September 2018

An Option One allows you the ability to completely customise your kombi van, without compromising on the quality of the build, or the materials used.

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