Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats the Process? How long does it take?

Throughout the years we’ve come to make it as simple as we can in dealing with us.

Contact us.

Choose your Kombi (Our Brilliant Online configurator is launching soon)

Accept our Terms and Conditions, make payment, and place your order.

A complex sample pack will be sent to you at home, to choose your colours, and final specification.

Enjoy the process on our Online Client Journey platform!

Timescales depend on our production numbers at the point of order, and the availability as to the base vehicle for starting your build.

Generally speaking :

Option Two Bay Windows – 6-8 Months + Shipping

Option One Bay Windows – 12-15 Months + Shipping

Option One Split Screens (both types) 15-18 Months + Shipping


How do i know whats happening? I live on the other side of the world!

A valid concern!

We have adopted an Online Client Journey software for many years, of which commences from the moment you place your order. Contained within this are all our communications, photographs and regular updates from us here at the factory. You can even get an App for your smartphone!

We also publicise well on the Online platforms such as Facebook, so you do come through with us on the journey of restoring your Kombi. Upon the completion of your build, you will also benefit from our hand made Leather packs, containing an itemised listing of all products used, and time spent by our craftsman on your Kombi.

Am I responsible for Shipping?

Ultimately you are the importer, and we the supplier. But no, we take you through the whole process from start to finish.

What if the ship sinks?

Can’t say any of us would be happy about that!

All our Kombis are insured free of charge up to the value of £75,000 GBP until its arrival in NZ.

What happens when it lands in Australia?

We offer a Factory to Home service here at Wize Volkswagen, and why should you get anything less.

Upon its arrival you will be looked after by our Agents, taking you through the process with us working with them in the background. The Kombi will be certified on its arrival. 

Once the Kombi is cleared customs it will be sent to a Compliance centre. They will undertake on your behalf :


LVV Certifications if applicable

Repair Certifications

Upon your Kombi passing these areas, you will be provided with a vehicle Registration approval.

The above process can take anywhere up-to eight weeks.

What do i have to pay when it arrives?

The purchase price of your Option One Kombi from Wize Volkswagen includes all costs relating to its Arrival in Australia. Upon the ship arriving, you are responsible for :

*GST on the Kombi shipping value – This is different to what you pay us, for the better.

*Duty on the Kombi shipping value – We’re working behind the scenes on this for you at the moment to exclude our Kombis from this Duty. (as of April 2018)

Agency fees circa $1000

*Compliance and Certification costs circa $2000

Registration Fees circa $200

  • Pricing subject to change according to guidance and compliance regulations from the Australian Authorities. Wize Volkswagen cannot be held responsible for such changes and the above should be treated as guidance only.

Do you offer Guarantees?


We Guarentee your Kombi will pass Australian Certifications. This has been a major re-assuring concept for all our Australian customers thus far. We’re here with you until it’s sitting on your drive! And then some!

Our continued strive for excellence has enabled us to produce an outstanding Kombi. We feel that we do that is necessary to ensure a long lasting finish, and as such are happy to Warranty or Workmanship.

Do you have any references?

We sure do!

Several customers have been to see us from New Zealand, and Australia. We would encourage you to read our Google and Facebook reviews to get an independent viewpoint of our company, the processes, and how we look after our customers.


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