Elsie: Option 1 RHD Split Screen


Hailing from the southern states of the USA, ‘Elsie’ was sourced from an old gentleman whom had collected a variety of classic Vw’s all his life and it was his time to pass some on to new owners. A 1967 model, she is the last of the old, possessing a few ‘one year only’ features.

More than up to the task, we set-to her two year long Option One Restoration at our base here in Morecambe.


Her Bare metal beginnings left no stone unturned, allowing us to complete to our commercial workmanship standards, all that was needed to ensure a long lasting vehicle.

Exterior Paintwork

Her gorgeous Vw Cherry Red and Pastel White exterior paintwork, of which attracts our Lifetime Warranty, really sets her off.

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Adding to her colours, our hand crafted in-house Upholstery compliments then exterior, using high grade Valencia Red, and Sisal Vinyl.


Our Eclipse Interior cabinetry, allowing many to travel within, provides all the space she can offer, and does so using our high quality lightweight Oak Veneer.

Could you be Elsies’ new owners, would you set her free?


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