Vw Kombi Guarentee

World’s Best 3 Years VW Kombi Guarantee

At Wize Volkswagen we like to be different.

We like to be able to offer our customers more than the standard level of care. Peace of mind is really important to us when you have made a purchase. Each of our Kombis is backed by our own unique 3-2-1 Vw Kombi Warranty scheme.

The most complex available on the market, and offering you three years peace of mind. Wize Volkswagen are the only company in the World offering our customers peace of mind for a full Three Years..

We value our work and want to extend our integrity in offering additional protection for you, our customer. Each Option Level Kombivan has its own unique Vw Kombi Mechnical Warranty Criteria, as the level, and specification of each differs across the range. A copy of our Full Terms and Conditions of our Vw Kombi Warranty coverage is provided at point of sale.You know exactly whats covered, and whats not. A highlight of these warranties are as follows :

Three Years Rust and Rot Protection to the Chassis

Two Years Paint Defect Warranty cover with a LIFETIME Warranty on the paint itself, and

One Year Mechanical Warranty on our Option One Kombivans, Six Months on our Option Two.

** Additional timescales are available to purchase at point of order.